Contract Packing



A new business entering the FMCG market for the first time recently posted a job requiring contract packing of Bast (waste product from Hemp). Bast is commonly used for pet bedding.  With retail sales booming, they couldn’t pack their product in-house at the speed orders were coming in and at different packing volumes.

Within minutes of posting their job, our team were able to match them to 3 trusted contract packers and 1 was engaged within hours.  We saved the customer many hours of research, phone calls and internet searching; they were overwhelmed by orders and didn’t know where to start.

Their product was packed and orders filled for their retailers in no time and of course, a trusted service expert channel has now got them covered into the foreseeable future.  Not to mention the contract packer was more than happy to have a new ongoing customer on their books.

It doesn’t matter how unique your requirement is, we have the Service Expert for you.