About Us

consume•able is a B2B outsourcing concierge service dedicated to the curation of FMCG.

We connect FMCG Brands to Quality, Trusted, Service Experts quickly so that Brands can;

  • Innovate and bring new products to life
  • Scale on demand
  • Reduce costs and connect to experts, saving time and money

Finding quality Service Experts without the right tools or expertise in manufacturing can be challenging.

But what if you could have the Service Experts apply directly for your job?

Working together, all FMCG businesses can adapt to scalability, peaks and troughs, seasonal demand and last-minute requirements.

Find an Expert

Benefits for Brands

  • Save time and money on research, plant and facility set-up and ensure your time and money is focused on building your brand.
  • Discover new manufacturing and production options, providing flexibility and low-cost options to experiment with small runs.
  • Address rapid increases in demand and innovate effectively.
  • No more internet searching, phone calling and asking for word of mouth referrals.

Look for Work

Benefits for Service Experts

  • Save time and money on a traditional sales force staff and activities and ensure greater operational efficiencies.
  • Find new job opportunities.