Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost?
It’s free to post and register on the consume•able platform. All job posts and registrations are private and strictly confidential. Upon successful engagement, we take a small fee. Register your interest to speak with one of our team and receive further details.

Who Can See My Company Details?
Both the customer who posts a job and service experts who receive the leads will not know who each other are until the customer accepts one quote. This protects your business from prying eyes. Jobs posted cannot be seen publicly or by our other customers, our platform matches the job with the right experts behind the scenes. Out staff monitor and approve the matches to ensure you get the best outcome and customer service experience.

Who Uses consume•able?
Our customers include New Brands entering the market for the first time, Established Brands, Contract Packers, Contract Manufacturers, Formulators, Designers and many other Service Experts.

Why Do Customers Use consume•able?
Customers use consume•able for a variety of broad reasons, some common examples include:

Brand customers use our marketplace to:

  • Ensure they are receiving the best quality service at the right cost by comparing suppliers.
  • Research the cost and deliverables on new product developments before going into production.
  • Some choose to not manufacture in-house, choosing to not take on the cost and responsibility of plant and equipment, they outsource to experts so that they can concentrate on sales and marketing.
  • Some aren’t equipped with all the resources necessary to do certain technical parts of the manufacturing process.
  • Some do not have the know- how, Capex or experience to find and employ special experts such as formulators.
  • Some do not have the storage and distribution resources to get finished product to retailers.
  • Some have an urgent turnaround and simply can’t find an available supplier within a short lead time.


Contractors use our marketplace to:

  • Manage parts of the production requirements on behalf of their Brand customers, they will often post jobs seeking options for formulation, contract manufacturing and packing.
  • Some do not want to stop busy production lines to do small runs or unique packaging requests for retailers, they will outsource to other contract packers to ensure the packing still happens for their important Brand customers but at the same time, it does not interrupt their already scheduled production lines.
  • Some are running at capacity and have an over-flow of orders.
  • Some are looking for new customers to increase sales and operational efficiencies.